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Office Relocation 

Led moves from start to finish with 60 to 90-days lead time (including bi-coastal moves). Coordinate all internal departments. Each client move entailed transporting and putting away over $2M+ inventory.

Vendor Contracts

Review and negotiate on client behalf - vendor contracts, agreements and pricing structure.  Vendors include marketing agencies, ERP providers, freight forwarders, contractors. Periodic review of vendor invoices and contract deliverables.

Recruit & Hire

Manage all levels of hiring - from beginning - job description drafting & posting, vetting resumes, candidate interviews, offer negotiations - to end - schedule and arrange start date.

Employee Wellness 

Quarterly check-ins with clients' staff. Create employee-centered programs - workshops, events, speakers to enhance staff wellness (time management, mental & physical health, ergonomics, safety training).

Vendor Search & Hire

Create clients' Request for Proposal (RFP), research options and solicit vendor bids. Review bids and recommend options to client. Interview, hire and onboard vendor.

Warehouse Build-Out

Work with material handling vendor to lay out most efficient workspace for warehouse team based on client's business and workflow.  Maximize use of both horizontal & vertical space. Identify & comply with applicable safety standards.

Management Coaching

Accountability partner, sounding board and advocate for management in identifying and executing goals. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings to track and measure progress. Provide on-point educational materials.

Employee Reviews

Provide consistent and predictable schedule of employee reviews to establish clear goals and expectations. Address any performance issues/ concerns in a timely and measurable manner.

Document all reviews to provide benchmark for future reviews.

Department Relations

Identify through surveys and discussions with staff - areas needing greater transparency or communication between departments to improve operations. Create practical solutions to identified problems.

Events & Programs

Develop and host on-site and off-site staff or department events to facilitate connection and celebrate notable occasions and holidays. Provide opportunities for staff connection in a casual, fun, non-work setting.

Vendor Communications

Obtain quarterly feedback from staff and vendors regarding effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness of vendor services. Discuss findings and solutions with vendor and provide written documentation.

Process & Procedure

Work with staff and vendors to create documented process and procedures to facilitate greater transparency, clearer breakdown of responsibilities, timelines and expectations amongst staff members and departments.

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