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Accepts a select number of clients to ensure personal attention & active engagement


Does not outsource any work and all communication, documentation & assessments are handled internally


Approaches clients', staff, situations, issues with an owner's mentality

Believes each person working in and for the company can excel when given proper instruction, support & incentives


Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership

  • 10+ years

  • 40+ employees

  • $16+ million annual revenue

  • 1,000,000+ customers

  • 3+ bi-coastal distribution centers

  • 100,000+ square feet of warehouse

  • 50+ vendor partners

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Corporate Experience &
Academic Training

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PPA's Purpose

An entrepreneur friend once said to me about business ownership -


"No one quite understands the height of the highs or the depths of the lows."


I couldn't agree more. Owning and running a business is a journey no one can understand unless they too have walked in those shoes. While the journey is often thrilling, it can also be scary & lonely.

For over a decade, I have walked in the shoes of entrepreneurship - through valleys and mountaintops.

This journey is what inspired me to start PPA & dedicate my professional career to serving business owners.


With my 20+ year career in a variety of industries, I, through PPA, am honored to walk alongside fellow entrepreneurs as a trusted partner, right hand and loyal advocate.

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